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    Sri Krishan Sagar Public School was established in 2016. It is affiliated to
    the Central Board of Secondary Education under the 10+2 scheme of education.
    It is a progressive, English medium, co-educational school,
    based on Indian thoughts, culture, and traditions.

     The aim of Education proposes nothing less than to build the ideal society of tomorrow by planning the cultivation of human resources today. As the artist works on canvas or marble to create new beauty, we at Sri Krishan Sagar Public School work on minds to shape a better world for tomorrow.


    Message and Motive of The School


    The School was founded on 1st April, 1996 by Ram Niwas Tyagi with a view to continue to good work done by his father Saguwa Singh Tyagi a well known social worker of Noida.


    The aim of the school is to provide the younger generation with the necessary facilities for academic training and to assist them in developing sound mind in a sound body. Emphasis is laid on development of character. Some of  the objectives are :

    1. To continue the best traits and standard obtained in Public Schools and Government Schools.
    2. To try and evolve a system to overcome the language problem in the country.
    3. To provide facilities for training in the best traditions and cultures of the various countries in the world.
    4. To make no distinction between the well-to-do and the underprivileged classes.
    5. To achieve all-round development of pupils playing adequate attention to their physical, mental, cultural and moral development.
    6. To develop a sound character in all pupils.
    7. To insist a spirit of research for great knowledge as the motto of the school ‘Onward to Great Discoveries’ clearly indicates.
    8. To impart career education.
    9. To pay individual attention to all pupils.
    10. To maintain close liaison with parents.